americanrecruiter asked this question 1 year, 2 months ago:

Need Help finding a US Notary in Kaiserslautern area

I am trying to locate a US Notary for my mother in-law that is based there. She needs to sign closing documents on her house here in the US and the legal department on base hasn't responded to calls for over a week due to being very busy. The closing documents are time sensitive and she asked me to help.

Can anyone/everyone please let me know if someone is a US Notary that happens to be based there or any options for where she can find a US Notary in the local area?   I assume with the large US population that someone must be a Notary or know where a Notary might be.



1 year, 1 month ago

did you ask at the legal-office yet??

here is the link to the kaiserslautern german nataries... just ask, they should know...

as well the german Justiz-Center at the Kaiserslautern main-trainstation..

good luck!

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