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Army Civilian - Housing Benefits

Background:  I am an Army Civilian stationed in Germany.  As I am not required to go through the Housing Office to locate and secure a home, I decided to skip the process (after two interactions with the Housing Office personnel).  In March 2019, I found a home and signed a contract (using the same contract form available in housing).  Fast-forward to 2020... I am now married to an Active Duty Air Force member.  We attempted to establish some of her entitlements and the Housing Office is stating that because I did not go through them, the Active Duty member is not entitled to any of the housing entitlements.  We asked for the regulation or local policy so that we could review (60+ days and nothing has been provided).  Housing informed us that the only way for the Active Duty member to receive entitlements is to go through the housing inspection process (which I am not required to do for Army Civilian entitlements), add the Active Duty member to the contract, and ensure the overall cost of the rental is within the scope of Housing's standard.  I asked for a copy of the "standard" and nothing seems to be available.  As an Army Civilian, I am not required to find a house within the local Housing Office's alleged standard of cost per square meter (which they still cannot show us).

Defense Travel Management Office guidance reads as follows - "Married couple LQA rates under special circumstances are in DSSR
Section 134.13.  A Civilian employee eligible for LQA, who is married
to and residing with a Service member, may be granted the 'without
family' rate if the Service member spouse is authorized OHA.  If the
Service member spouse is not authorized OHA the employee may be paid
the 'with family' rate plus increments for additional members of the
family.  LQA is not authorized if the employee resides with the Service
member in Government owned or Government leased quarters.  LQA is
applicable for foreign locations only."

Question:  Is the Active Duty member entitled housing benefits when married to an Army Civilian post-contract completion?

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