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TLA Kickbacks?

I have heard the market for furnished TLA houses/apartments can be very lucrative but also very competitive.  Talking to a friend today he said a couple he knows was offered a kickback of $50 a day from a home/business owner to take a TLA short term rental from him.  In other words, if the fee was $250 daily, the home owner would give the renters a kickback of $50 a day back so they would stay in his place.  Is this legal?  Who regulates the TLA rentals in the community?  

In the past I have heard of these rental companies working closely with unit sponsors or admin personnel to steer customers their way.  It just doesn’t seem right that a sponsor would be offered cash/dinner or other things of value to do this.  

11 months, 2 weeks ago

Which company are you hearing about, specifically.  Without specifics, this is not something that can be discussed intelligently. 

I am 100% sure that this is not a legal practice.  It is also why, in my opinion, dealing with anyone other than TDYhomes is a bad idea.  They have been around for a very long time, are extremely honest, and have great accommodations.

Note: There was an impostor who used a name very similar, only without the S on the end. They had a very bad wrap.

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