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New shopping-centre in France - just 40 min drive

we discovered by hazard a brand new shopping-centre in France - just about 10 miles from Saarbrucken.

We went there 2x now - we like it there - aspecially the big market for french food** so I like to share the info:


and here on google-map


for those, who like to do a bit of sport - as well very interesting:


enjoy your time across the (open) border and the french shopping!


2 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for the tip! We went on the weekend of 19 October 2019 and it's a really nice indoor mall with many shops similar to an American mall, as well as restaurants and cafes, plus the Auchan hyper-grocery store. Not only does Auchan sell all groceries at reasonable prices (e.g., 1.5 Euros for a large round of Camembert cheese), but also has a nice bakery selling delicious fresh baguettes (.90 cents each) and pastries/cakes, and even a section selling French art supplies and cookware. Not a lot of English spoken in the shops and restaurants, so be prepared to speak some basic French. We ate Bistro Le M for lunch, and it was great with friendly service. Note: The highway from Germany toward Strasbourg becomes a toll road that costs 40 cents (Euro) at the exit for the mall, and is 40 cents to get back on as well. The mall was built in the middle of farmland and visible from the highway. It has lots of free parking, and free public restrooms as well. We'll definitely go back.

2 years, 11 months ago

And don't forget your passports (Official and/or Tourist (SOFA card) along with your International Driver's License/Permit.

2 years, 3 months ago

yesterday to borders opened... so we went there again. Happy that we are nearly back to normal.

in France, like Germany... masks, desinfecion for hands while entering and toiletts...

and the toll on the Autobahn is still 40 Euro-Cents.

We had a good time there...

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