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Local Coin Dealers?

Not exactly sure where to post this, but have seen no similar questions in the forms. Nor can I find local answers in a Google search.

I am looking for a local collectible coin dealer. New to KMC, I am a coin collector, and recently discovered there’s plethora of official commemorative Euros from many of the locations that we plan to visit (or have already visited).  See this link as an example (€2.5 coin from the Belém Tower in Portugal):

While I can find many of these coins online, I prefer a local dealer to be able to validate coin condition (there are a lot of shady coin dealers on eBay, amazon, etc).  I’ve also found souvenir coins at various shops, but those are kitschy and I’m looking for the official EU commemoratives.  

Thank you!

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hallo, coins - I am not too familiar with... I Germany, if some specials got out you can get a limited quanity changed 1:1 at the bank. they might have some from the years before as well.

here are the bigger player in the web:

Interesting... I would guess, a mix

this company is based at Pirmasens.... about 25 miles from Ramstein

another one there (or maybe the same one...) (local shop)

and then a local ones  - you should know, in the Saarland the language teached in school is french.

make sure you got you translater - even as app....   :-))

and in direcction Mannheim-Heidelberg.... about 60 - 80 miles from Ramstein

well - I guess you might find now......    therefore I like to ask for a favour!

Spreed out the word for this side to..... lets see I gave you 14 links... lets say to  min. 14 people pls.   thanks

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