diwil provided this useful information 5 years ago:

Highly recommanded Restaurant/Hotel about 20 min from Ramstein near Kusel

I like to recommand a restaurant, very good, not very know in the KMC.

As usual for dining in a Góurmet-Restaurant, you should take your time, if you go there!!

The Hotel is in a very quiet and scenic little Village of Blaubach near Kusel. Even quiet, it is just 5 min to the Autobahn-Access just 2 Exits from Ramstein (and no traffic nor lot of speedlimit).

here the link - sorry the restaurant-part unfortunaly is only in german.


enjoy your time - if you went.


5 years ago

Thanks for posting the recommendation for The Reweschnier.  I'll give them a try! 

5 years ago

they have some special events, like wiskey-tasting with 4-cause-menu and a stay overnight, if you have no non-alk-driver. It sounded very interesting.. I would recommand to call the Reweschnier directly.

have a good time there!

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