diwil provided this useful information 3 years, 1 month ago:

secret for Obermohr, Niedermohr, Glanmunchweiler folks

after thinking about it quiet a while, i diside  to share my favored source of bread, ready dishes and others:

Metzgerei Weber, Hauptstrasse 13 in Niedermohr.

a) one of the best places for fresh bread (in my opionio)

b) super good meat and sausages - because home-made from local farms

c) good food and cafe to go in the morning

d) ready prepared meat for easy and successful cocking at home

e) wensday-special from 11 to 12.30h    fresh-cooked dishes to go * very tasty... best call in the morning for reservation

that is realy something... better then most restaurantes.

f) partyservice me and lot of folks from the village use for festivities.. super good quality and fair prices.

they have web-site as well...only german... google will help your....

watch the openingtimes from 5 a.m to most day 12.30 pm !!  tuesday thursday friday to 6 p.m.


now... I share my secret of good shopping for nice goods... how about you guys share yours as well.

thanks for do so!!!!


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