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IMPORTANT! USAREUR published an update last month to AER 190-1

USAREUR published an update last month to AER 190-1, the governing regulation for vehicle licensing of personnel and registration of privately owned vehicles in Germany. Significant changes associated with the updated publication are as follows: 
* Abuse or misuse of fuel rations is subject to a license suspension for up to 180 days. The time will be served in conjunction with loss of ration privileges.
* It is PROHIBITED to operate a motor vehicle with an expired registration. There is NO 30 day grace period after the date the registration expires. 
* A vehicle inspection is required to transfer a vehicle to another party within 30 days of the transfer if a 1 or 2 year registration is requested and the vehicle is 10 years old or less.
* A third set of temporary plates now requires written approval from the individual’s chain of command and documentation that the vehicle has been repaired before they can be issued.
* Temporary plates are issued 3 days prior to the Motorcycle safety course rather than 1 day
* All vehicles with liens on the registration must be removed prior to them being sold to non-US I.D. card holder
* Hostile-fire zone extensions of registration are no longer authorized. Members can suspend their registration for the length of the deployment with the remaining time being credited to the new registration upon return. However, the vehicle must be stored in a Government-approved storage location during this time. The lone storage area in the area is located on Pulaski barracks for a fee.
* Agent/owners are now appointed by the member’s unit commander and must be one rank higher than the member requesting. In addition, if there is a joint/co-owner of the vehicle, this individual needs to be removed through written permission or be physically present at the time of the transaction before an agent/owner can be added.
* Vehicle deemed “unsafe to operate” will immediately be put in non-operational status and will not be driven from the inspection area. 
* Payment is required for all lost/stolen plates including when deregistering the vehicle regardless if the plates are later recovered.

Download AER 190-1, here:

Additional information is available at the Kapaun Registration office or via the Ramstein AB Fact Sheet:


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