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biggest "unknown volksfest" in the area Nov.9 about 15 min from Ramstein

Unknown - not for the local folks, of cause.  every 2. wensday in Nov. there is the Quirnbach Horsemarket. Quirnbach is next to Glan-Munchweiler Autobahn-Exit.

The village with 500 people living there, got this day about 10.000 people visiting. Beside the horse-show there is a lot of Party going on in the big beer-tent - mostly to next morning 4 or  5 a.m.

as well - lot of food, drinking and fun provited by professionals as well as by the local "Vereine" (clubs) of the sourounding villages.

If you like to see - imagen, parking-space might be (extremly) limited. Take the train direction Kusel to Glan-Munchweiler and enter the shúttlebus - saves you time, trouble to find parking, as well saves you long walk from parking to festival and the touble, if you discover the good taste of local alcolic drinks and shouts.

If you go - I wish you as much fun (or more), then I always had  (going there after work about 9 p.m).

here is a link (do not show to much of the fun.

rhttps://web4.deskline.net/pfalz-booking/de/event/detail/RPT/5a868c83-8bea-42fd-b6af-22dfd5fcf031/event?AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1eal fun  )


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