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romantique exellent Castle-Restaurant near Kusel 15min from Ramstein and Baumholder

Like to put a focus on one of the nearly unknown, but exellent Restaurantes for high-class and romantique Dining - as well as a good beer, cup of cafe and del cake at one of the most pitoresque "beergardens" of the area. it is the

Burgrestaurant Burg Lichtenberg


The restaurant is part of the very big Castle of Burg Lichtenberg at 66871 Thallichtenberg.

The food is well prepared by chef (and hunter) Peter Emrich, doing using local goods to make outstanding fish- game and local specialities.

Offer space for 15 to 120 people for celebrations.

Outer-space was there as well..... the crew of ISS-outerspace-mission had been there as guest as well.

if you go - take some time, to enjoy the place, the food and your stay.

guten appetit!


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