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Worldwide Home Security (discount code)

I've been using the Ring video doorbell ( for about 6 months. It's been so good I thought I would share my experiences with everyone on the forum since there always seems to be questions or concerns about home security and the issue of home break-ins.

The cool thing about the Ring doorbell is that it gives the impression that you are home when in fact you could be at work or anywhere in the world for that matter. It's a wifi enabled video doorbell that calls your cell phone via an app. You can answer the doorbell anywhere in the world where you have data and even from a desktop computer or cell phone. It also triggers before the doorbell is even touched by motion sensors. This gives you the option to watch the video if someone is outside snooping around. You can even ask them if they need help and scare them off. I've also been able to tell UPS to leave a package at the door when I was not home. Which was a small miracle in Germany as they don't like to leave packages on doorsteps.

My only complaint is that the battery life in nowhere close to the 6 month mark as advertised. Mine needs a recharge about every three months but is now hardwired into the house electricity so that's no longer an issue.

If anyone is interested in the Ring Video doorbell shoot me a PM and I can send you a coupon code to get $25.00 off your purchase.

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Bergman - Post your coupon code link so people don't have to wait for a return PM.

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Quote by JOFTAA:
Bergman - Post your coupon code link so people don't have to wait for a return PM.

Just go to and use 9479.

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Quote by xtraloud:
You do have the update ?

Yes - however in order to press the button you would need to have access to the device. I can tell you that it starts recording long before the bell is even touched. It would be impossible for someone who owns the ring doorbell to not someone is messing with it.

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