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SheralynZ provided this useful information 4 years ago:

Taco Kidd......disappointing :(

I tried Taco Kidd yesterday...its on that main road at the Opel Exit, past the KFC. Really disappointed since I live in Schweisweiler and was hoping to find a decent Mexican place closer to me...the beans and rice were grossly under-cooked which ruined the whole bean burrito meal...I didnt eat any of the meat so cant vouch for that but the house salsa sucked too, tasted like stewed tomatoes, salsa is so easy to make? I dont get it....I hate to give them a bad review, they are new, really nice people, clean place with outside seating....but food is just no bueno....

4 years ago

Same experience we've had with *every* Mexican place here. Disappointing... But between the Commissary and other online sources we can whip up some good Tex-Mex at home.

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