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o2 - Avoid at all costs!

I just got out of a contract with these guys. I was with o2 for my mobile provider for 7 years, as of 2014 they started sending me bills as opposed to taking it from my bank account as I had originally signed up to do.

Every time I tried to get info on this I got jerked around and never a clear answer or a blatant lie. I also kept getting told it was a problem with the new SEPA banking system and it was not my fault etc.

I have been on the road touring with my band since the Summer and they kept sending me sms notifications and finally cut off my data plan while I was travelling and not about to just access my bank account on some public computer or network, I told them they would have to wait,

When I returned home to Germany, I explained this to them, paid them and demanded they end the contract immediately or I would tell as many people as possible through social meia and forums about my experience with them.

A week later they replied, agreed to end my contract early (6 months early in fact). The notified me by email at 19:30 and by midnight had blocked my sim card. Pretty low of them to do itr in such short notice, but was glad to be done with them

I went right away to vodafone for a new contract, and just got notice that it was denied due to Schufa. I have perfect credit and no unpaid bills, but apparently o2 turned around and did this, seemingly out of spite. Now I have to figure out how to fix this... and can't say I have a clue, it seems complicated and costs money just to get access to your records.

I am going to attach the last email they sent, I think it is pretty obvious they screwed up and everyone I have told said it atypical for them to cancel a contract like this before it is up, let alone 6 months in advance.

Dear Mr. A******,
Thank you for your e-mail.
I have checked the matter again. We apologize for the inconvenience caused and regret that you decided to cancel your O2 mobile phone contract. Usually your contract has a contract duration until 06. May 2015 but out of goodwill we accept your cancellation earlier.
Herewith we confirm your cancellation of your mobile phone number 0176*******. Your contract will end tomorrow, on 10. December 2014.
But we will give you no refund. We always block the sim-card after missing payments. There is no reason for a refund. But we accept your cancellation five months earlier than usual out of goodwill and there will be no further charges for you. This is a great exception, so this is enough refund. Your customer account is settled now.
Please always leave the entire correspondence including the subject in the e-mail when you reply. Thank you for your cooperation.

Have a nice and successful day!

Best regards,
o2 Customer Services
Ms. S. Mees

Telefónica Germany GmbH & Co. OHG - Georg-Brauchle-Ring 23-25 - 80992 München - Deutschland

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You might need to seek some legal advice.

O2 also sucks as Belgium doesn't allow their calls into their country. So you want to get Westveletern beer? Won't work with o2.

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