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Base Housing Availability in March

I will be traveling to KMC in late Feb, early March of 2015 for a PCS. I have done a little research about living off and on base, and my wife and I are leaning a bit more towards living on base, on whichever installation is offered first. I have the link to the KMC Housing Office availability chart organized relative to grade and dependent status.
So I basically have two questions regarding this. First, I have four dependents (three children and my spouse) and am an E5. So I see listed on the chart under JNCO for three and four room housing. Correct me if I am wrong but I do qualify for four room housing with my four dependent status. I ask this because it looks like JNCO four room housing is highly available at least currently, with a 0-3 month wait period. Next questions; during March of 2015, will peek PCS season be over and correspondingly will base housing availability go up?

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Link to KMC Housing Wait List:

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The housing wait list changes all of the time, as you can imagine. The link you pointed to, above, is a static PDF file.

To get the latest list, check here.

Just curious.. Why do you want to live on base? I notice that a lot, if not most people, who travel to a foreign country (myself included) think they want to live on base. People (myself included) think that being on base is convenient, has all of the amenities, is full of Americans, etc... Throw those ideas out the window. Kaiserslautern is so full of Americans, that even living off base, you'll have American neighbors. You'll get a larger house in most cases, and have more than enough conveniences. I know a lot of people who do live on base, and after seeing base housing, I am so glad that we did not have an opportunity to go on base.

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My husband and I lived off base while in Germany and I wouldn't have any other way! You can live on post in the States, but why miss out on such a great European experience?

Yes, things can be a bit more complicated with getting utilities and such set up, but so many people speak English and once you learn how things are done I think you will enjoy off base- plus you can get much more house on the economy.

Of course on base you will have the American conveniences, but who cares when you can walk right down the street to a bakery and get fresh pastries every morning (many are within walking distance and the last town we lived in had a bread truck that came by), or walk up to a window and order ice cream? Not to mention the nice walking trails and scenery!

Of course each family has their reasons for which choice they go with wether it be kids and school or living closer to work. As you can see which I prefer, just weigh the benefits of both. Even if you decide to live on base make sure to get out and enjoy the culture and experience while you are there. Make the most of it while you can, your tour will probably fly by leaving you wishing you had more time to do what you didn't get to!

God Bless!

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Very well said, Crystal!

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