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Stumm's Brauhaus , don't waste your time

Decided to look at places posted on here since this is the closest we have to an area Yelp but found Stumms Brauhaus via a google search on Yelp.

I was going to the Neunkirchen Mall and this place was in the vicinity and the menu looked decent online. Why not?

Well, again this area of Germany dissapointed me with the quality of food offered. I had the grillteller or mixed meats tray, 15.99 Euro. It came with a small salad or just lettuce (is that still considered a salad?) with dressing and potatoes or fries. Meats were one small mystery steak, chicken and turkey cutlet.

The meats were barely cooked and a red in the middle chicken is definitely a no-no. Sent it backed to be properly nuked. My partner had some weird greek pizza (really thin bread, feta, yellow peppers, about 10 or 11 Euros.

The grill plate literally looked like airplane meat, small and bland. I do a lot of cooking/grocery buying and can tell you that they spent about 3 Euros on the meat, retail. So you would think, looks aside, this better be one fine tasting grillteller. NOPE! Bland, bland, bland!

What is it with German cooking around here? Do they cook for diabetics and leave any type of spice or flavoring out of their cooking? A dash of salt and pepper and maybe even a sprig of rosemary will work wonders on food!

The food was prepared and served without any type of pride in what you do as a cook. Sad. I literally could not stand to eat the cardboard meat even though I was hungry and left most of the food on the tray.

Don't get me started on the body odor our waiter had. Nice guy but the brother needed a few sprays of Axe.

A positive note about the sucky food in this area is that I am becoming a better cook at home.

5 years, 4 months ago

Looks to be the former Hooters location. Thanks for the review; we'll avoid.

4 years, 1 month ago

a place, Brauhaus as well - Saarland as well - I can was very pleased. As well did a tour with american friends with Food and all you can drink (you Need a Driver or a bus)

the place is big, good, Food was nice, the Location at the Losheimer See (lake) i good.

4 years, 1 month ago

I am not sure, but, I believe some faiths do not allow the use of personal hygiene, like deodorants.

The overall experience does not sound like a good one, though.

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