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The Internet Thread

There are a lot of people who ask about The Internet. I tried this type of topic once before, but it got off track.

Since there are so many areas for Americans to live around the KMC, I want to start a list of villages, which Internet company is being used, and what speed is being obtained.

So, to keep this topic on track, here are the rules and the format for your posts.

Your post should look like this:

  • 1. Your village name
  • 2. Your Internet company
  • 3. The speeds you obtain (test here)
  • 4. The price you are paying
  • 5. (Optional) Comments you have about your Internet.
    Not complaints about speed and such, as that is shown above. What was your experience with installation? How long did it take to get setup? Tell us what you've learned

This will be a very helpful thread for everyone. I'll start.

1. Krickenbach
2. TKS offers 2mb and Deutsche Telekom offers up to 16mb
3. TKS gave me just under 2mb. After switching to DT, I got 12mb
4. TKS 40€ per month. Deutsche Telekom 35€ per month.
5. Getting service was a nightmare. DT was a real pain in the ass to work with, but once installed, it worked pretty flawlessly. I had TKS to begin with, so coordinating TKS with DT was like pulling teeth. Luckily, we did not go for any period of time without service, but it did take two months to get DT turned on. Had we not asked to keep our phone number during the change over, it would have taken far less time. So, you can choose TKS and spend more to get less, or you can go with DT and pay less to get more. Seems like an easy one, to me.

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Quote by liamsmami:
Anybody know the best service for Landstuhl/Melkerei? Just got the house and need to set up all services. TIA!

liamsmami...Are you still in Germany and/or Do you still live in Landstuhl/Melkerei? I will be moving to that location and wanted to pick your brain. I see that it has been a while. Thanks.

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