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The Internet Thread

There are a lot of people who ask about The Internet. I tried this type of topic once before, but it got off track.

Since there are so many areas for Americans to live around the KMC, I want to start a list of villages, which Internet company is being used, and what speed is being obtained.

So, to keep this topic on track, here are the rules and the format for your posts.

Your post should look like this:

  • 1. Your village name
  • 2. Your Internet company
  • 3. The speeds you obtain (test here)
  • 4. The price you are paying
  • 5. (Optional) Comments you have about your Internet.
    Not complaints about speed and such, as that is shown above. What was your experience with installation? How long did it take to get setup? Tell us what you've learned

This will be a very helpful thread for everyone. I'll start.

1. Krickenbach
2. TKS offers 2mb and Deutsche Telekom offers up to 16mb
3. TKS gave me just under 2mb. After switching to DT, I got 12mb
4. TKS 40€ per month. Deutsche Telekom 35€ per month.
5. Getting service was a nightmare. DT was a real pain in the ass to work with, but once installed, it worked pretty flawlessly. I had TKS to begin with, so coordinating TKS with DT was like pulling teeth. Luckily, we did not go for any period of time without service, but it did take two months to get DT turned on. Had we not asked to keep our phone number during the change over, it would have taken far less time. So, you can choose TKS and spend more to get less, or you can go with DT and pay less to get more. Seems like an easy one, to me.

9 years, 5 months ago

1. Mehlbach
2. Deutsche Telekom
3. 384Kbs but speeds usually were a little slower than that. 384Kbs DSL was the best I could get from Telekom in our town. There are no upgrade packages from Telekom in my town.
4. I paid a minimum of 70 Euros a month for phone and Internet but often it was more than that.
5. Setup took 2 months after it was scheduled to be turned on. Customer was not free to call. Connection would usually drop out a few times a week.

1. Mehlbach
2. Quix
3. I get around 48Mbs. Speed test usually has it between 47.3 to 47.7Mbs. I'm signed up for the DSL 50.000. They offer up to 100Mbs DSL
4. I pay around 60 Euros a month. The plan is about 50 but I pay for extra services including higher upload speeds and flat rate calling to certain countries.
5. The setup was a breeze and the cutover happened within minutes of the scheduled cutover time and date. Customer service is free to call and they handled my minor issue right away. If you can get Quix in your area, I highly recommend. I've been in Germany since 1995 and never had an ISP service as good as Quix.

1. Mainly in the Kaiserslautern Area
2. Telekom with Speedbox LTE mini,,14772-_266600-761-11489;CNC-0,00.html
3. Up to 100Mbs over LTE though so far I have only got speeds of around 60Mbs when I hit a LTE radio. Mostly it's around 10Mbs over HSPA+ radios.
4. I pay about 40 Euros a month for a 10GB data plan. After I hit 10GB the speed is dropped down to be extremely slow but it still allows me to do simple things like email and text. It's a little cheaper as I also have a cell phone plan with them.
5. Picked it up from the Telekom store in Landstuhl. Service was great and the setup was a breeze with their assistance. The MiFi like device is suppose to last 10 hours on battery life but haven't had it on that long to test, but so far it works great for when I'm on the go. I would not recommend this for a home network as the 10GB a month plan may limit what you can do. Great for on the go networking.

9 years, 5 months ago

City: Kollweiler
Company: Vodafone
Speed from test: DL speed between 24-31 Mbps
Upload: 10-11 Mbps
Cost: Around 80 Euro a month.

The cost includes our home phone. We get 30 gigabytes a month for usage. Can't tell if that's for usage period or only downloads and uploads. After 30 is does go very slow, but the internet does still work, just a lot slower. Not able to stream videos because they are too slow after you reach your monthly cap. Otherwise if you don't download our internet is pretty fast . For our area this is what's available. No DSL up our hill and only Satellite internet available. Had satellite internet with Telekom before and it was very slow. Has anyone had Satellite internet with SKY?? I would like to know what the speed is in comparison, it has an unlimited plan. I'd also like to add that you get the box in the mail within a week or two and just plug it into the wall and your computer. It is wireless and works for most of our house. The phone is the same way, you can plug it in anywhere, you don't need a phone jack.

9 years, 5 months ago

1. Hohenecken
2. Kabel Deutscheland
3. 77 Mbs download & 6 MB upload
4. I pay around 40 Euros a month but that is because the first year was only 19,90 Euro including home phone that allows phone back to the states free.
5. The setup can be done in a day if your house already had kabel Deutschland prior to you moving in. If not you have a approximate 2 week wait until installation can be complete. I've been here since October 2011 and have never had to make a phone call to Kabel Deutschland regarding any problems not even a small one.

9 years, 5 months ago

I got a message via Facebook from someone...

2mb w/ Telekom
they offered their LTE service but it doesn't get anywhere near 2mb

9 years, 5 months ago

Another Facebook donation to the database:

Deutsche Telekom
10.25 for download and .95 for upload (speedtest gave it a D+)
60 euro a month

9 years, 5 months ago

  • 1. Waldmohr
  • 2. Vodafone LTE
  • 3. 7.67 Mbps down and .67 Mbps Up
  • 4. 78 Euro for 30 GB data
  • 5. Setup was pretty easy. Bought what I needed at the Vodafone store in Landstuhl and days later it arrived. The rest was getting the equipment setup and running. Service started out pretty good. Then a couple months in started cutting out for a day or two at a time nearly every month and it's been hard to get English speaking Techs. They replaced all my equipment, but still had problems. A couple weeks ago, I lost it for a whole week. Finally got a good tech who asked if I could move my equipment to the upper most floor in a window facing the Antenna. The issue with that was my office is in the basement for another 80 Euro and I have Fritz Powerline extenders that use the house electrical wires to transmit internet signals. That seems to be working great, but I am not holding my breath. If it works as it should, it's not a bad deal, but you have to have a good line of sight to your local Antenna. Mine is located in Schonenberg-Kuberberg. If there were other options here, I would be all over them.

9 years, 5 months ago

1. Fockenberg-Limbach
2. TKS (Telekom)
3. 2 Mb advertised; last speed test was at 1.9
4. Around 60€
5. At the time we moved here there weren't any options. There still aren't. However, I see where Telekom is now advertising up to 6mb. I might have to check into that.

9 years, 5 months ago

Quote by rmm0031:
1. Fockenberg-Limbach
2. TKS (Telekom)
3. 2 Mb advertised; last speed test was at 1.9
4. Around 60€
5. At the time we moved here there weren't any options. There still aren't. However, I see where Telekom is now advertising up to 6mb. I might have to check into that.

I wonder why you pay so much? When I had TKS, I had 2mb. Including phone service, by monthly bill was around 50€. Are you making a lot of extra calls to numbers that are not included in your package? If not, you may wish to call TKS to find out why you are paying so much. Also, if you have no contract with TKS, you may wish to check into pricing with Deutsche Telekom. You may find it about 10-15€ less, per month.

9 years, 5 months ago

1. Miesenbach
2. Currently Vodophone
3. Advertised at 6MB, normally test between 3.85 and 4.31. Highest ever during a test was 5.6MB
4. Pay 29 Euros per month for internet, phone, and unlimited calls to the U.S.
5. Installation happened pretty quickly and as-advertised. No issues with reliability of service. Prior to installation at home, they gave me a USB 3G plug-in to use. So, even while I was waiting for the install (2 weeks or so), we had internet service. After it was installed, we could still use the stick within a certain (meters) distance of the house for free. We can take it away from home and use it for 9 cents per min within Germany.

I wanted more speed after two years (contract coming up this June), so I did investigations. I offered to pay more to Vodophone for more speed but they just could not do so. In Miesenbach, Telekom owns the phone lines and they only parcel out a max of 6MB to Vodophone. No Quix here. I signed-up for and scheduled Kabel to come here, but the landlord would not allow them to drill into the walls to install the cable box. It would have been slightly cheaper than my Vodophone deal, and a max up to 32MB.

I've switched to Telekom. After signing up, they will be here in about 10 days to install. The advertised price is 34 Euro/mo, which includes the phone, internet and multi-country unlimited calling plan (to include US). Basic internet and phone service was just over 25 Euro; 3.31 Euro for the Country flat rate (US calling plan), and 3.31 Euro per month for the wireless box. We looked to buy a box, but to break even you would have to rent one for over 3.5 years and we would not be here that long. Advertised internet speed is up to 16MB, and my neighbor has Telekom and regularly gets close to that, but usually 14-15MB actual speed. Installation charge is 40 Euro.

Biggest thing I've learned overall--don't go to any of the BX shops for internet or phone. They actually charge you MORE (especially for the cell phones); they cannot take the VAT form (for cell phones), yet they charge the 19% tax. For Vodophone (good deals on cells) go to the shop in Landstuhl down from the train station. For getting telephone and internet, go see the CommShop, which is on the right side of the road between Ramstein and Landstuhl. He offers Quix, Telekom, Vodophone, and Kabel. Sascha can look up your address and tell you if it is available and your expected speeds. He was very honest about the different companies, their service, their wireless boxes, and what to order and not order. He can set up your installation for you and, if you already have a contract, he will use a German form letter to cancel your old contract and fax it to the company. He will also help to translate any documents and forms at any time.

From all I've heard and studied, I would recommend trying to get Kabel Deutschland, if you can. Quix's business plan is offering high-speed internet in areas where other services are unavailable or very slow--so usually in the outer, smaller villages.

8 years, 3 months ago

Steinwenden - Obermohr.
Quixcompany give the info out - in 7 weeks fast Internet for a Flatrate
up to 100 000mbit/s incl. Telefon and fritzbox..

at the Moment - via Satelit (a mess) or LTE (Telekom)
capacity - depending on daytime - very big differences

8 years, 2 months ago

Anybody know the best service for Landstuhl/Melkerei? Just got the house and need to set up all services. TIA!

7 years, 5 months ago

I live in obermohr, 10 minutes from RAB base and we have quix internet. It's fast like charter cable internet in states. No issues. I can watch Netflix on 4 tv's at the same time.

6 years, 9 months ago

I just moved to Germany a few days ago. I've tried to read many threads related to the Internet service and have somewhat a grasp on what might work best.

My real concern is the area I'm going to live in, which is in WÖrsbach, the area is so "secluded" I barley get phone signal when in the village. Does anyone know wether or not this is a good town that offers decent internet service. I've read on here, the further I am to certain "towers" or what not, the slower my speed/connection. This is a huge concern, due to the fact that I rely a ton on internet speeds for the amount of video streaming that's done for my kids (Netflix,Hulu, Amazon Prime, ect.)

Any info at this point would be much appropriated!

6 years, 9 months ago

It all depends on what type of service is available. If it is LTE (which is a wireless connection to an antenna), then yes it matters how far away you are and line of sight. But if it's cable, it matters much less.

Prepare for disappointment. Speeds here are not great and you might have to change your lifestyle regarding internet. You'll also need a VPN blocker to stream with those services...

It seems speeds are getting faster and that spurs the companies to compete with each other. That being said, I have Vodafone LTE, but Telekom just launched Magenta, which is far better. Just makes no sense for me to switch now. Something to look into!

6 years, 8 months ago

1. Obernheim-Kirchenarnbach
2. TKS (Kabel Deutchland)
3. 30mbps download, 6mbps upload (on a good day)
4. €65/month (for the highest plan @ 100mbps)
5. I upgraded to 100mbps plan from 25mbps which I had in Kindsbach when I moved to Obernheim. I was finding that on a good day I was only getting 30mbps download, and at times I would get 18-20mbps. I downgraded back to the 25mbps plan yesterday, so we will see what my new speeds are when the service changes. If it is too slow, I will likely upgrade to 50mbps, but 100mbps is out of the question via TKS as regardless of what they claim is available.

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