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Emergency Veterinary Care

I wanted to share my stressful pet experience in hopes it will help others. My husband and I arrived to the KMC only about two weeks ago. We have three cats who are essentially our children. On Friday evening, one of my cats became blocked with a kidney stone and was unable to urinate. As some of you cat owners may know, this can quickly become life threatening and often happens out of the blue. We actually had another cat this happened to a few years back and he actually lost functioning in one kidney and had to have extensive surgery. Based on that experience, my husband and I were panicked when we noticed the situation around 4am on Saturday. We used the FindIt Guide, and called all of the vets in the Landstuhl area which advertise emergency-24 hr care. Unfortunately, all of the phone numbers went to voicemails (no live people) and the messages were in German (which I don't speak-yet).

Luckily, after leaving messages and calling the numbers repeatedly, Dr. Delorme from the Veterinary Practice of Delrome-Goldberg in Landstuhl called me back. Their vet clinic is recommended earlier in this post.

Located on Daimlerstr 7 in Landstuhl (near the McDonalds in the industrial area)
Phone: 06371 91 43 41. Emergency after hours number: 0171 9 30 31 79

He asked me some questions about my cat to assess the urgency and agreed to come in to see my cat an hour earlier than the clinc normally opens on Saturday morning. Many of the other vets I called did not call back or called back several hours later. At the appointment, Dr. Delorme was very helpful and did a nice job of explaining my cat's test results. Luckily, my cat passed his stone in the vet office. We have a f/u early next week. He is doing well so far. I will likely use this vet for all of my cats. The office was nice with separate waiting areas for dogs and cats. Everyone spoke good English. In fact, I believe many of the vet techs are American. They also offer boarding for animals. I just wanted to pass this along in case anyone else runs into an after hours animal emergency. Also, if anyone knows of a clinic which is actually open/staffed 24 hours near Landstuhl I would appreciate that info. We also have an 18 year old diabetic cat who occasionally has after hours issues.


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Gee I recently had the opposite experience. It seems our dog had eaten some onions and garlic he was able to get ahold of and wound up with toxic poisoning. He was near death at about 0230 when my wife woke me up. I remembered seeing an after hours emergency number for Dr. Goldberg and called it. His respone was "Bring him in in the morning"! Not the right response. We then contacted the animal hospital in Birkenfeld and was told to bring the dog in immediately and someone would meet us at the hospital. Good thing as he didn't have much time to get treated before he would've died.

So I'm not a fan of Goldberg nor would I recommend HIM to anyone.

Just my $0.02!

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First off, you do know to register your pet(s) with the Kaiserslautern Veterinary Clinic on Pulaski Kaserne within two weeks of arrival?

Anyway, they have a list of local vet clinics with 24 hour emergency numbers. The listing is also available on their website under Useful Information.

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Here is the current list (as of this post) of off base veterinarians and their contact info.


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