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The craziness continues!

I just don't understand why it has been one thing after another with trying to get Housing here in the area? It was not this hard the other times we were in Germany (in different areas though). We finally got everything taken care of with the contract and my Hubby went to Finance to get our advance for the deposit and rent. He was told he had to come back because Finance was out of money. I could not belive this! We were told that this is common and you need to go first thing in the morning to the Finance Office in order to get money. The crazy thing about it is my Hubby is a Comptroller and he had a few choice words with the people in the office. There is no reason that things like this should be happening, especially during peak PCS season. We did finally get the money and were able to pay our great and understanding Landlord!

9 years, 11 months ago

Things are done very differently here. I sometimes wonder if we are living in The Banana Republic. So many people have absolutely no clue how regarding how to do business or provide good customer service.

This place seems to have a major attitude problem when it comes to housing and landlords.

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I also had to laugh because we opened an account with Service Credit Union. We went to the bank to send the money to our Landlord (Finance gave us Euro's) and the lady at Service told us to take it and pay it at Community Bank because they would have to deposit the money into our account and then take it out to wire it and we would lose several hundred dollars in the conversion. I was happy that she was honest with us about this.

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If you are going to pay your rent with Euro, you really need to read




Ignore the person who is trying to tell me that it is illegal. It is absolutely 100% legal. Some people just don't get it, and that is their problem.

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wait a let me get this straight. when you apply for advanced oha you have to go pick up the cash at finance? I was not informed of this.

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