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Landlords - Good and Bad - Tell Us Your Story ** READ THIS FIRST **

Since a landlord can make or break how people feel about living in Germany, it is important that people know who the good and bad landlords are.

Rather than sticking someone with a bad landlord, let's tell people about our landlords. Name names. Give us your stories, both good and bad.

The more landlords that are listed here, the better the chance of someone finding a good landlord or know who to avoid.

Do not give your address. Just the name of your landlord will suffice.

Format your posts as follows:

The title of your post should be like this:
LANDLORD: Landlord first and last name ie. LANDLORD: Sigmund Wilhelm

Then, start your post with the following:

My landlord is landlord name (put the name in blue) Then tell your story... This way, every post has a landlord name that people can search when they get a perspective landlord's name from the housing office or a Realtor.

To make your post, click HERE.

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