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Prohibited and Restricted Imports via APOs In Germany

Here is info regarding prescription and other medications from USPS. I am attaching this as a PDF in case the link ever dies in the future.

Heidelberg, Germany – Many U.S. personnel stationed in Germany receive postal packages through the Military Post Office (MPO) from friends and relatives or order products from the USA or other countries. Persons receiving such packages should be aware that it is a violation of German and military law to import certain items. U.S. and German customs officials conduct random checks of APO mail for unauthorized items. Recently there have been a significant number of prohibited and restricted items seized from arriving packages in the Kaiserslautern and Ramstein Military Communities. Items prohibited from importation are those items that may not be imported under any circumstances. Restricted items are those which may be imported if they meet certain criteria. While not all inclusive, the following information is provided to help unwitting importers from violating the law:
PROHIBITED: Using the APO to import any item for other than personal use. This prohibition also applies to any item intended for resale, in support of a business enterprise or volunteer organization, Church, sports teams, etc.

PROHIBITED: Importing counterfeits of trademark items. Trademark violations involve the illegal use of signs, names, logos and business names that brand manufacturers use to distinguish their products. Many producers of DVDs and CDs or designer goods such as purses, shoes or clothing have registered their trademarks internationally with Customs, who inspect the mail for fake products.

PROHIBITED: Sending medication, diet pills or nutrition supplements by mail order. Even items like vitamins or ginseng in highly measured doses are included.

PROHIBITED: Some food products due to animal and plant health regulations. Meat or meat products like beef jerky, game or ham are banned from the mail, as are canned meats, sausages, soup mixes or pasta containing meat. Caviar from sturgeon is forbidden due to the endangering of all species of sturgeon.

PROHIBITED: Firearms and ammunition.

PROHIBITED: Endangered species products are another area of concern. People buying these products add to the risk of animals and plants becoming extinct and customs can fine you and confiscate the goods. Reptile skins are often used in watchbands, handbags, belts, wallets, and shoes. Most crocodile, lizard, snake, and all sea turtle products are prohibited too. Customs will also stop ivory, whale teeth decorations known as scrimshaw and netsuke as well as many plants such as cacti and orchids.

PROHIBITED: Coffee, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages are rationed in Germany and may not be mailed via the APO. Such items are legal to have sent to your German home address via the German mail system or a commercial parcel service. However, import duty may be expensive.

RESTRICTED: Paintball guns and air soft rifles which are more powerful than German law allows. All such weapons must bear specific markings to be permitted entry;

Avoid nasty mail box surprises and keep prohibited items out of the APO. Your local Military customs office representative can provide more advice on these mail questions. Information is also available in English on the German customs website.
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Also, for more information on prescription drugs by mail order, take a look here, here, and here.

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8 years, 11 months ago

PROHIBITED: Sending medication, diet pills or nutrition supplements by mail order. Even items like vitamins or ginseng in highly measured doses are included.

OK, I have a question here. Suppose someone needed a prescription from a doctor who is in The U.S. The doctor calls in the prescription, and the insurance provided by the employer (in this case DoD) provides mail order prescriptions.

How is someone supposed to get the mail order prescription filled? Why would DoD provide this kind of prescription coverage if it cannot be used?

Also, companies such as Puritan's Pride ship vitamin supplements to APO. If it is not allowed, why do they ship?

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8 years, 10 months ago

what about peanuts, mainly canned boiled peanuts?

I want someone to send me some canned boiled peanuts, because I love them and miss this prohibited?

8 years, 10 months ago

I am guessing that canned stuff is OK. But, to be sure, ask at the post office the next time you are there and let us know here. Thank you.

8 years, 10 months ago

Cool. Thank you

8 years, 10 months ago

You can also check here. Everything you want to know about The Military Postal Service Agency, but are afraid to ask. ;)

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