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Where To Go / Stay Away From for Car Repair

I wanted to share an email that I just sent off to Mattusch Automobile in Kaiserslautern, as well as to Volvo Customer Relations.

In case you don't want to read this entire post, here is the quick version:

Mattusch Automobile insists that if you do not take your Volvo to them for scheduled maintenance, that they, nor Volvo, will honor your vehicle warranty. This is a scam on their part to get you to spend a lot of money for things such as an oil and filter change that can be done at Auto Skills for under $50. I called Volvo North America, and they told me that it states in my user manual that I may maintain my vehicle anywhere, as long as I keep my receipts. I verified this, and it is true. Aside from that scam, Mattusch told me that I needed to replace my car's brake booster, which is a very expensive repair. Mattusch was lying, and the amusing story of this can be read next if you'd like.

December 17, 2010

To: Volvo Global Customer Relations
Cc: Mr. Markus Mattusch and Melissa Warf of Mattusch Automobile GmbH;
and Martin Lawrence of Autozentrum 2000 GmbH

Subject: Poor Service of Mattusch Automobile GmbH

I want to introduce you to my new pet which was adopted yesterday while I was at Autozentrum 2000 having my car repaired. I don't quite know if it is a male or female, so for the purpose of this email, I will refer to my new pet as an 'it.'

I have named my new pet "Martin."

Let me tell you how I came to adopt this adorable pet from the species known to humans as "rock" and how it got the name Martin. One day, about a month ago, I started hearing a "thunk" sound coming from my car. It was not normal to hear this thunk, so I called a local Volvo dealership in Kaiserslautern known as Mattusch Automobile GmbH. I spoke to Melissa Warf. Melissa setup an appointment for me to have the thunk diagnosed. The dealership kept my car for an entire day. I dropped off the car the night before and left my car key in their night drop off box. After waiting all day Monday, I was emailed at 3:34pm to be informed that I had less than one hour to get my car, or I would have to wait until the following day. Also, Melissa was very adamant that if I did not get my vehicle scheduled maintenance done at Mattusch Automobile GmbH, that my car warranty would not be honored. I questioned this practice, and called Volvo North America, the company from which I purchased my car, to find out if what Melissa told me is true. I was told by Volvo North America that I could maintain my vehicle anywhere I wanted to as long as I kept my receipts. Melissa repeatedly told me that this was not correct information. Volvo North America told me that if Mattusch Automobile GmbH did not wish to honor my warranty, that they would reimburse me for repairs. It appears to me, as a Volvo customer, that Mattusch Automobile GmbH is using strong arm tactics to force people into paying high prices at their dealership for services that can be done elsewhere for a fraction of the cost, by threatening people with a warranty problem. This type of tactic is not appreciated, and I refused to have my car maintenance done at Mattusch Automobile GmbH.

After waiting all day for my car to be repaired, I got the following email from Melissa:

from Melissa Warf
date Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 3:34 PM
subject : Oil Change Invoice

Thanks for all the information.

You can come and pick up your car now. We attached the plastic part and heard the noise, it comes from the break booster but it´s just annoying. And especially because you have warranty we can not replace just because of the noise. You have to wait until it get´s worse. Because we always have to send back the old parts, and I´m afraid the will not give us the money for the part or the work “just” because of the noise, because that doesn´t mean that it´s defect.

Latest for pick up is 16.30pm or tomorrow starting at 7.45am. Thank You.

kind regards

Melissa Warf

At other Volvo dealerships I have worked with, I have never been rushed to pickup my car after a repair. I am not sure if it is normal business practice for Mattusch Automobile GmbH to give people 56 minutes notice to pickup their car from repair, otherwise having to wait until the following day, but I would like to suggest that they give people some extra time. Anyway, I digress. Let me get back to "Martin The Rock." I was told that it would take a day to get the part to repair my car, but, since Mattusch Automobile GmbH refused to repair my car for what was deemed "an annoyance," my car was returned to me without being repaired, and still making the 'thunk' sound. I was not happy that Mattusch Automobile GmbH kept my car all day and would not repair it. I sent an email to Volvo Global Customer Relations about this issue as follows:

To Whom it Concerns:

I have a 2008 Volvo S-80. The car was purchased in The U.S., but is presently in Germany while I am here with my family who is working with The U.S. Government. I require some warranty work to be performed on my vehicle, so I took my car to Mattusch Automobile for repair.

I was speaking with Melissa Warf at the dealership. Although my warranty service is not engine related, I am being told that unless I have my car maintenance done at the dealership, they do not have to cover my repair under the warranty.

I have receipts and can prove that my maintenance is being done on schedule. My warranty book that came with my car says that I am not required to perform maintenance at a Volvo dealership.

Although Melissa has been very polite, I do not feel that it is the right thing to force me to get my maintenance done at the dealership.

My car is currently at Mattusch Automobile. I would like to pickup my car tomorrow without having to pay the fee since I have warranty coverage.

Please contact me as soon as possible as I need to speak to you before I can pickup my car. I can be reached at either +49 (0)###-###### or +49 (0)####-######.

Thank you for your immediate assistance.

VIN ###########

I suppose that Volvo customer service got involved because several days after sending this email, I received a call from Mattusch Automobile GmbH telling me that the part would be ordered. I was told that once the part was received, I would be called to setup an appointment. I was finally called today, over a week later, to be informed that my part had arrived. I was told that I could have an appointment for next week. Considering that my car was already at Mattusch Automobile GmbH for a full day, and considering that Mattusch Automobile GmbH would not repair my car the first time, I really felt that having to wait for another week to have my car repaired was a poor way to do business. What Mattusch Automobile GmbH should have done, in order to provide good customer service, is call to tell me that my part arrived and that they would install it immediately at my convenience since I already had to wait once before.

After speaking to Melissa, I started wondering if another dealership would give me better service. I am not happy with Mattusch Automobile GmbH customer service, and do not feel comfortable having them work on my car.

That is when I decided to call Autozentrum 2000 GmbH. I spoke with a mechanic by the name of Martin Lawrence. Martin told me to bring him my car at any time and he would check out the noise for me. I went yesterday morning at 11:30. Less than 30 minutes later, Martin brought me the rock pictured above. The thunk noise was from that rock. Somehow, the rock was resting underneath the car on a metal beam. When the car changed speed, the rock would roll and hit the side of the metal beam and make the 'thunk' sound. Martin, the mechanic at Autozentrum 2000 GmbH, figured out the problem quickly, and had me back on the road again without delay. I was not even asked for payment. Martin was even kind enough to let me keep the rock. I decided that since Martin the mechanic was so nice, that I would name my new rock, Martin, after the mechanic who found it. I find it amazing that Mattusch Automobile GmbH not only had my car for a full day, but was prepared to do an expensive repair to my car for what turned out to be nothing more than a rock. I have to question if Mattusch Automobile GmbH ever even looked at my car? How could a competent mechanic have a car for a full day, diagnose a defective brake booster, and order the part, when the real problem was just a rock? I think the mechanic at Mattusch Automobile GmbH needs to go back to mechanic school. By the way, now that the rock is comfortably resting somewhere other than under my car, the 'thunk' noise has ceased completely.

That is how I have come to adopt my new pet rock by the name of Martin. From now on Autozentrum 2000 GmbH will be taking care of my Volvo. They are honest, reliable, fast, and competent.

Thank you for your time. I need to give Martin the Rock a bath now to remove the grease.


Foster care giver to Martin the Rock

7 years, 7 months ago

My husband likes to take our vehicles here. He works on our vehicles when he is able, but says he has been satisfied with the service from NP. My husband did not write this article, just a review with info I found in a search. Hope this helps!

7 years, 7 months ago

Quote by JOFTAA:
Frank works on everything. He's great.

Is this the same guy your talking about?

I got two weeks left on my registration! whoops!

7 years, 7 months ago

Quote by caverject:
Is this the same guy your talking about?

I got two weeks left on my registration! whoops!

Nope. Not the same place.

This is it:
Pariser Straße 342
67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany
0631 36333-0

Tell Frank that Sam from EverythingKMC says hello, please.

5 years, 11 months ago

I have two places I would like to recommend based off of experiences just this week.

First, I can vouch for what everyone said about Autozentrum 2000 in Homburg being great. I have a 2014 Volvo XC60 that shouldn't be giving me issues but that's another post for another forum. Yesterday evening I went to close my tailgate (auto; just pushed the button) and it wouldn't close. It kept making a thump and the latch wouldn't catch no matter what I did. So, this morning at 0830 I called Autozentrum and they told me they were technically closed for walk-ins on Saturday but I could bring it by and they would take a look. I went in and the gentleman had it fixed in <20 minutes. He pulled off a plastic piece on the tailgate where the cable was sticking and showed me how to fix it if it happened again. Of course he also let me know that if it did it again then they would replace the part and it would all be covered under warranty. Highly recommend these guys for Volvo service vs those hacks at K-town Volvo.

Second, I want to recommend Auto Team in Reichenbach-Steegen. They are a small shop that mainly works in the evening and the owner Marco is very thorough and helpful. He speaks great English and when I brought my 99 VW Bora to him for a possible blown head gasket, he fixed it honestly and quickly after waiting a few days for an open appointment. He could have told me it was a head gasket and charge a thousand Euro but instead it was bad plugs, wires, an injector, and a hose that went to my air intake. He showed me all the bad parts and even cut some of the labor time off to give me a better price. He takes VAT and is highly recommended. (Also, if you're feeling froggy he offers Lamborghini's to rent!) Link for Auto Team is below.

3 years, 10 months ago

Has anyone ever used Arthur's Garage on Bierstrasse in downtown Kaiserslautern? If so, how has your experience been there?

I need some engine work done on my Hyundai I bought in the US. I'm going to call Roth but would welcome other suggestions for mechanics within Kaiserslautern because I'd like to compare prices. I can speak intermediate German so it doesn't have to be an English-speaking shop. 

Also - if there's a shop that offers a free or inexpensive loaner car, that would be even better yet (but I'm not holding my breath because this is, after all, Germany).

3 years, 10 months ago

working by myself in a tire-shop, I know Arthur. I do trust him!

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