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Shipping Alcohol from Germany to The U.S.

DO NOT ship alcohol through the United States Postal Service. The only exception to this rule is that there is no exception to this rule. Just in case you did not get it the first time, DO NOT ship alcohol through the United States Postal Service.

If you want to ship alcohol, check the policy with UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

They may not ship for consumers, either, because of the hassle factor of dealing with a person sending one shipment.

As far as I know, it is not illegal to ship alcohol via UPS, FedEx, or DHL, after all, they do it for the businesses. Check before shipping.

UPS Wine Policy

FedEx Wine Shipping

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It appears that each state has rules and regulations about allowing wine to be shipped to their state. The only document we could find for the state of Texas implied that the cost to ship it was far more than the value of our wine. However, it's quite possible that we have misinterpreted that particular document. If anyone has any personal experience relating to shipping wine to Texas, I'd appreciate your input. Thank you!

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Are you talking about shipping via a carrier, or putting the alcohol in your Household Goods (HHG)?

If you are talking about putting alcohol in with your HHG, it is not allowed as far as I can tell from page 9 of the pamphlet regarding moving HHG.


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There's actually some decent information here.

The laws on importing liquor into the various states are as diverse as the states themselves. People considering taking large amounts of alcoholic beverages back to the States are well advised to check with their state alcohol board (ABC) in advance. Whether you are shipping your prized wine collection or just lugging a crate of European beer onto the plane home, state laws vary so much that it is best to know exactly which restrictions apply in the state you arrive in and at your final destination.

The Treasury's Alcohol and Tobacco Trade Board list of ABCs is linked here and click here to see what it has to say about personal importation of liquor.

Many Americans start a wine collection while in Europe and want to send it to the United States when their overseas tour ends. With a little advance planning and patience, wine connoisseurs can still enjoy their favorite European vintages if they find a way to ship their collection and pay any tax or duty that may be due.

“First contact your local transportation office to find out about weight limitations, shipping procedures and how, if possible, to get reimbursed for the transportation costs,” said William Johnson of the U.S. European Command's Customs and Border Clearance Agency. However he added that any duty or tax you pay is not reimbursable.

Military transportation officials will usually not put the collection in your personal property shipment because of the damage risk from broken bottles but they will have a list of wine merchants or moving companies that ship wine collections. “The company will tell you about state restrictions on alcohol and how to pay any tax that needs to be paid.”

He explained that the airport you ship the collection to must have a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) office. As for other shipping options, Johnson pointed out that the U.S. Postal Service will not let you mail wine and courier companies are usually unwilling to ship it. Some airlines will let you pay for excess checked baggage on the flight home if you have a small collection.

HOWEVER, that still didn't answer my question. This (from the TABC or Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission) at appears to be a bit more helpful as it relates specifically to the state of Texas.

Moving to Texas

Texas law allows a person to import an unlimited personal wine, spirits or malt beverage collection along with their household goods when relocating to Texas. There is no paperwork involved and the typical state taxes are not owed. If you are moving to Texas from outside of the United States, you should contact U.S. Customs regarding federal regulations and taxes.

From the Alcoholic Beverage Code: Sec. 107.11. Importation Of Personal Collection.
(a) A person who is relocating a household may import, or contract with a motor carrier or another person to import, a personal malt beverage, wine, or distilled spirit collection as a part of that person's household goods.
(b) Section 107.07 [regarding taxes and importation limits] does not apply to a person who is importing a personal malt beverage, wine, or distilled spirit collection under Subsection (a).

So, what I still don't know (and I guess we'll have to call to find out) is how customs handles the shipment at the port of entry. I just thought perhaps someone had already been there/done that and could give me some first-hand info on what to expect.


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I guess I am going to have to find out the same thing when we are ready to head back to Florida. I have a lot of friends who have been promised German beer.

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No you cannot put Alcohol in your HHG, but it is possible to get reimbursed shipping cost for wine in conjunction with a PCS. Individuals are responsible for ensuring all State taxes and restrictions are followed.

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If somebody knows of someone who knows anybody who has an alcohol import license, send me a PM ;)

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I am not going to say that you should do this, and I am certainly not going to say that we did this....

Hypothetically speaking, let's just say that you were to want to ship your alcohol with your HHG. What one might do, if so inclined, is to pack it him/herself. Pack it very, very well. Mark the box as being 'camping supplies' or 'glassware.'

If you feed your moving crew, and stay out of their way, they will most likely be grateful that you helped them by packing a box or two. Our movers did not open or inspect a single box we packed.

This is all hypothetical, of course.

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Weird wording on the reg. I'd agree it's not allowed however...

In 2010 I shipped 75 bottles in my HHG to VA. On Friday, about half those bottles are going on their next HHG journey. I have declared the wine every time and was told it was my business to comply with state law.

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Just looked up the rule in the DTR. You are allowed to ship it in your HHG.


1. Each Service allows for the importation of Alcoholic Beverage Shipment; however, the method of importation varies. The following extract from the JFTR states that the shipment of alcoholic beverages as HHG must conform to 27 USC §122.

Sec. 122. - Shipments into States for possession or sale in violation of State law. The shipment or transportation, in any manner or by any means whatsoever, of any spirituous, vinous, malted, fermented, or other intoxicating liquor of any kind from one State, Territory, or District of the U.S., or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, into any other State, Territory, or District of the U.S., or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, or from any foreign country into any State, Territory, or District of the U.S., or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, which said spirituous, vinous, malted, fermented, or other intoxicating liquor is intended, by any person interested therein, to be received, possessed, sold, or in any manner used, either in the original package or otherwise, in violation of any law of such State, Territory, or District of the U.S., or place noncontiguous to but subject to the jurisdiction thereof, is prohibited.

2. Visit the following websites for additional information on the importation of alcoholic beverages into the US:


State Wine Laws:


Non-DOD Website



Personal Importation of Alcoholic Beverages:




Alcohol Beverage Control Boards for the United States:



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I suppose saying putting alcohol into HHG is not allowed, is incorrect. What is not allowed is taking the alcohol into the U.S. without paying the taxes on it. When I called to find out what was required to bring alcohol into Florida, it was ridiculously complicated and expensive. The people who I spoke to acted as if they had never had this question before, and were not even sure what to tell me.

I did like any other law abiding citizen and did not put alcohol in with my HHG. I did, however, put some camping gear in my HHG.

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When I did it, I tried to have it taxed but the Alcohol Control Board said they were not interested in HHG shipments. They would not give me that in writing...but it was a non issue even when a customs inspector showed up at my house to see how things were going. He was mort interested in pests.

9 years ago

I have a feeling that it is an unofficial, unspoken policy, to leave HHG shipments alone when it comes to transporting alcohol.

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