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Funny or Dumb Stuff from RYS and Facebook

Many of you have been to They are a huge site in the area. Every now and then someone advertises something so ridiculous that it makes people laugh.

I am creating this area for such RYS doozies...

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Here is the first...

What kind of desperate woman would fall for this one? Look at the ad content, and then the seller name.

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RYS sure seems to bring them out of the woodwork.

I have an ad on RYS.

I got a message regarding the item.

I am including the message I received, plus my reply. I'm still trying to get my eyes to fall out of my head.

[b]Message from RYS Nut Job:[/b]


I don't have a yard sales account, so perhaps you will be kind enough to add this to your advertisement. We have magic jack and have for about 5 months. It worked great. We have a ND number (where we came from and where my family is). But for the last 5 weeks, I have been unable to place calls to landlines in that state. It works for cel phones, 1-800 numbers and calls outside that state. We have contacted their reps twice and were told they were working on it. We got an email last night, saying that the problem has to do with the provider in ND and they will SEE if they can do anything about it. They are willing to give us a refund though. We want to keep the magic jack, but are very upset with their customer service. They seem unable, unwilling to fix the problem.
I just don't want anyone else to go through this mess.
(Name Withheld)
My response:[/b]

[i]Hello (Name Withheld),

Let me make sure I understand your request properly.

I am selling Magicjack. You have a Magicjack, but are having a problem with it. According to your email, Magicjack is willing to give you a refund, but you say they are unwilling to fix the problem. Unless I am mistaken, a refund seems to be a good solution. Further, because of your problem with Magicjack, which you also stated is confined to landlnes in ND, you want me to revise my advertisement to let people know about your problem?

And, even though Magicjack says they will give you a refund, you are calling the situation a "mess."

Do I have this right?[/i]

Basically, (Name Withheld) is one person in MILLIONS that own Magicjack. She is an isolated case of someone with a problem. A problem that can easily be solved with a refund. Yet, (Name Withheld) seems to be unwilling to take the refund. She may fear that taking a refund will keep her from rightfully complaining. Not to mention, it doesn't even sound reasonable, let alone logical, for an entire state to be without service. And, even if this were the case, I hardly think that the Magicjack company would leave the entire state offline without repairing the problem. Some people just don't think before they complain.

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This one caught my eye because these guys are trying to sell you lawn service, partly by showing us before and after photos of their work. The funny thing is, they are not showing the same places in their photos. Its like they are taking a picture of the left side of the lawn, and then showing the right side of the lawn. They are not showing the same photo twice so we can see the 'after' picture.

Here is the ad.

In case the ad disappears, here is what it looks like:

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I hope this person enjoys prison food.

This is what the seller is illegally selling

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I'll bet the ladies are going crazy for this one!

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oh my lol....I need to look at more sections other than furniture and household LOL

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OK. So the person is willing to do anything. The person's name makes me wonder just how far "anything" goes?

11 years, 2 months ago

This has got to be a joke. Are people on RYS really this stupid? Advertising for marijuana?

11 years, 1 month ago

This one made me smile... I actually admire the person who posted this one for being so brutally honest.


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He could'nt even wait to get out of the parking lot to take the pic.

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