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Where To Get Fuel With Your Esso Fuel Ration Card

There are many places to get fuel with your Esso fuel ration card.

Attached to this message is a complete list of every Esso station in Germany at which you can purchase fuel using your Esso fuel ration card. The list contains the city, postal code, address, phone number and hours. The list is current as of the time of posting. We take no responsibility for the list contents.

Here is a list of AAFES fuel facilities where you can use your card.
Here is a list of ESSO stations where you can use your card.

Here is a good FAQ to read regarding where and how to get fuel.

You can put money on your Esso card online. Use your sponsor's social security number as the login. Your password is your tag number exactly as it appears on your registration. It is case/space sensitive, so be sure you type it as you see it. Using the online service requires a bank account, and it takes a few days to get the funds onto your account. If you wish faster service, you may use a credit card to add funds to your Esso card. You can do this by calling the number on your card, or at The Exchange or a Shoppette.

The following is from the FAQ, but there is a LOT of information that you should read.

Visiting other Host Nations within Europe

1. Will the fuel ration card be valid for use in Belgium, The Netherlands, or in Italy?

No. The fuel ration card program will only be for use at AAFES and ESSO stations throughout Germany.

2. Once we have the new ESSO card, will we still be able to buy gas coupons in Italy? If so how?

Yes, once you have the new Germany fuel ration card, you will still be eligible to buy fuel coupons in Italy. To do this, have your TDY, leave, or pass document with you along with your POV registration or rental contract, and plan on stopping in Italy at an Army military police station, Air Force security forces station, or at a Navy customs control office to establish eligibility for your vehicle. With the eligibility document, you will be able to buy Italy fuel coupons from AAFES or the Navy Exchange.

3. When traveling from Germany to Italy for vacation how do you obtain gas at the local posts there?

When going to Italy for vacation or TDY, ensure that you have OPM Form 71 leave document, DA Form 31 pass document, DD Form 1610 TDY document, or the equivalent form used by your employer or military service.

When you arrive at the US Forces installation in Italy, ask for directions to the office that authorizes rationed fuel for visitors. This will likely be the military police (Army), security forces (Air Force), or rationed product control (Navy).

Provide a copy of your leave, pass, or TDY document to the authorization office, and they will provide authorization for you to buy Italy fuel coupons for your vehicle from the local AAFES or Navy Exchange store.

4. What are the procedures for rationed fuel in the Netherlands for a vehicle that already has the Germany fuel ration card?

First, please note that the Germany fuel ration card won't work outside of Germany.

For rationed fuel in the Netherlands, review Para 33a(4a) of Army in Europe Regulation 550-35: Regulations on Personal Property, Local Currency, and Motor Vehicles for U.S. Personnel in the Netherlands.

After review, complete the AE Form 600-17a and the attached OPM Form 71 with your supervisor and take those documents with you to the Schinnen MP station (on the right after the entry gate at Schinnen).

After getting approval from the Schinnen MP station, you'll be able to get fuel at the Schinnen AAFES station and/or buy coupons from the AAFES main store at Schinnen.

Any questions on Netherlands rationed fuel procedures or AE Regulation 550-35 should be directed to the Netherlands Law Center, DSN 360-7688.
More information regarding what you can/can't do with your gas card is HERE.

Note: There are 2 ESSO stations in Germany that only accept cash and do not process card transactions. Both are in the Bonn area (Römerstr 235 in 50321 Brühl, and Ringenerstr in 53474 Bad Neuenahr). Other than these two stations, all other ESSO stations in Germany were visited between January and May 2008 to ensure that their system works properly and provides accurate receipt information.

Although the info is from 2008, it is still accurate as of this writing.

Information in this post and attachment is accurate as of the time of the post.

Esso Stations in Germany.pdf

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