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Question US issued credit cards

Hello all. I know there are issues plaguing U.S. travelers associated with chip/pin in European credit cards. Has anyone experienced problems using their US issued cards? and did you notify the company that you were moving overseas (other than thru the change of address) to make sure your use wasn't blocked? Thanks!
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I have used my Visa several times. There are still stores that do not accept credit cards, but more and more stores are. I notified our bank that we were moving to Germany and I also notify them when we travel to different countries. They do charge a foreign transaction fee in addition to the price of the item I charge. I know Service Credit Union offers a card and I can't remember the name of it of the top of my head (Gilocard or something like that) that they say more businesses in Europe accept it. They tried to get us to get one but they charge a fee for the card and interest.
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It is a hit or miss on using a cc without the chip here. US cc appear to be accepted more around the bases and in areas with a lot of tourist.

Off base I use the Capital One credit card, because they do not charge the International transaction fee. There is a topic on the board here if you search for it. I also started a Capitol One checking which I have an allotment go to get Euros off base at a better exchange rate.
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I just got home late last night after a 9 day cruise throughout the Baltics. The only place I had any trouble using my credit card without a PIN was in Copenhagen, Denmark. Even in Copenhagen, not all places required a PIN, but for the places that do, the card was not usable.

I don't know that you have to have a chip on the card. I am not 100% sure, but I think you can still swipe the card and enter a PIN.

Ask your credit card issuer about this one.

As for Germany and the rest of the places I have been, I have never been asked for a PIN.

Great question, Shannalee
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No issues here. We were in England when they switched to chip and pin so it was a bit confusing at first until we got the hang of it.

I just hand my debit card to the cashier. If they say it has to be chip and pin, I tell them to swipe it- which is how it's done.

I let my bank and credit card companies know when I move and I also notify them when I'm going to be using the debit/credit card in a country other than the one I'm living in.

Make sure you have a signature on the back. They always check to make sure the signatures match. I also learned the hard way that they will only let you use a card with your name on it (in the states I sometimes would use my husband's)
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